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Shoebox Map Brewery.jpeg

I have installed a new version of Burn Pile, called Castle Nuts for Less, for the Brewery Artwalk, which took place during the residency on March 23-24.


I also have begun a new project, called Agree, involving survey questionnaires. You are invited to fill it out at my upcoming open studio on Sunday, April 28, 2-5 pm.


Shoebox Projects Residency Open Studio (see map), Shoebox Projects LA, 660 S. Ave. 21 #3, Los Angeles, CA 90031 (see map)

Or call / text / email me to set up an appointment anytime!

(559) 336-9383

I'm honored to have been chosen for participation in a studio residency at Shoebox Projects, Kristine Schomaker, director, during March and April, 2024.

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