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Current Exhibition

Zeitz, California

A station within Schatten-Parcours

Project created by Petra Mattheis and curated with Diana Artus

On view in the Wantalon app starting September 9, 2023

My new installation, Zeitz, California, was created in my Badger studio. A narrated video of the installation is a station in Schatten-Parcours, a digital, interdisciplinary project by artist Petra Mattheis. Visitors to Zeitz, Germany, are invited to view the city on foot, with app in hand, to view the city through the eyes of 8 artists and 2 artist groups, working with the theme of Shadows. Many thanks to Warren Casey for his help creating the video.

Using paper, relief prints, and papier maché, I have constructed the interior of a mountain cabin, and filled it with my hand-crafted souvenirs from a dilapidated yet idealized Zeitz — images of buildings and broken up classical sculpture. However, the view from this California habitation is of Yosemite — on fire. I aim to suggest the story of a Californian who has been to Zeitz and collected souvenirs of this once-ideal German location to decorate a cabin in their own clichéd, once-ideal mountain setting. Mutually yearning clichés, (under stress).
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