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Burn Pile / unusual Madison fire

Truth donors were invited to speak inside a private booth. Their statements were immediately leached of meaning — by a purpose made code — scrambling them with previously donated truths. Donors then had the option to release these garbled statements to be variously commemorated by me. By carefully making objects to commemorate these jumbled conflations of peoples’ innermost expressions, I aspire to show respect for an ambient sincerity freed of specificity.


The form of a burn pile is intended as an ambiguous metaphor, onto which people may project their own interpretations. Have the disparate, sincere expressions of truth clashed and collapsed? Technology enabled this blendingclash of truths. Does a greater truth — obscure, indefinable — arise from this?

Solo exhibitions of Bachrun LoMele’s Burn Pile project include: Univ of Tennessee, Chattanooga Apothecary Gallery; GearBox Gallery, Oakland, CA; Experimental Intermedia, Ghent, Belgium; Gallery 825, Los Angeles; Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka, CA. Burn Pile has received funding from Central Valley Community Foundation. In 2023, Burn Pile was reviewed by Sculpture Magazine, and his rural studio was featured in Hyperallergic’s column A View From the Easel. 


Selected group exhibitions: Brand 49 Works on Paper (Janet Friend award); Schatten Parcour, Zeitz, Germany. Artist residencies: Eastside International Los Angeles; Shoebox Projects in L.A. (upcoming). 


In 2010, he founded the Hatchery Art Spaces in rural Badger, CA. With California- and New York City-based curators, he utilized abandoned buildings and acreage as a venue for 3 international exhibitions.

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