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People often say “Truth Must Relax”. What is meant by this?


By relaxing their hold on truth as an absolute and fixed sky diamond, they may become open to the beyond-knowing. Which is always wider and greater.

What does “The Andromeda Galaxy” mean?

The Andromeda Galaxy is the most distant object visible to the unaided human eye, but you cannot perceive it by looking directly at it. The way to “see” it is by looking just to the side of where you suspect it to be, then in your peripheral vision you may have a sense of its presence. Truth, like this, resists a direct stare.

The metaphor of a Burn Pile would seem to be somewhat negative, especially to Californians…

Even in California, wildflowers follow a fire. Bad as the fires are, there is still hope for renewal afterwards, and perhaps restructuring. A potential may be peripherally sensed “just to the side”.

What is the point of transcribing your own ideas of “flow” in the form of invented wood grain patterns, and then somewhat laboriously preparing these designs as relief prints?

I want my human experience, my time and effort, my art background and inclinations, all to be a part of a natural-process equivalence. Human intention as an equivalent natural force, subject to change and flow.

Why, for you, are cultural traditions of image-making most appropriate for expressing concepts of truth and sincerity, and — springing off — flow?

Conventions are by nature widely accessible. Made images stand in for comfort,  stability, and shared experience.  The flow which follows is a different matter. If I am seeking a truth that is forever just out of range, my concept of truth must itself be released. Intentionality is a solid ground from which to leap, and as such this solid ground is best embodied by conventional and deliberate efforts.

And why a collapsed domestic space?

Confidence is at home. Sincerities have tea with each other. Perhaps there has been a disagreement?

People may never agree on “Truth”. Can they agree on “Sincerity”?

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